Dernières réalisations


Eiffel Mega TT

ATARI Eiffel PS2 Mouse and Keyboard for ATARI ST/STE/MEGA/TT/Falcon



Monochrome / Color Switch for ATARI STFM


Flashpak 512K

FlashPak 512K for PSION Organiser II


Rampak 256K

Rampak 256K for PSION Organiser II


SmallyMouse 2, Use USB Mouse (Wired and Wireless) to ATARI ST, STE MEGA ST & STE, TT, Falcon

FM Melody Maker V1.0

FM Melody Maker for ATARI ST

 PSU nixie

Alimentation 5V pour Nixie


Replay Stereo

ATARI Replay Stéréo


Replay 8

ATARI ST REPLAY 8 (The same hardware of 4)


Stereo Master

ATARI Stéréo Master


comms link V1.4

PSION Comms Link (ROM 4.2) for Organiser II (CM,XP,LZ) New Version.


Power Supply 5V for PSION Organiser II, Replace the Big transformer by standard 5V using microUSB Cable.