How to update SmallyMouse 2 Firmware:


A) Hardware:

You needed only USB cable Type A to Type A like this:


B) Software Install (All is free):

1) Download and install AVR Studio:
2) Download :
3) Extract only SmallyMouse2 Folder and SmallyMouse2.atsln files (other is not needed).
4) Double clic on SmallyMouse2.atsln, if Atmel Studio request update pack clic Download and install (1.0.106 is ok)
5) In Atmel Studio, switch to Release mode: Go to menu Build -> Configuration Manager -> Active solution configuration switch to Release and clic Close.
6) Now you can open main.c file (on right panel) for modify the value: Q_RATELIMIT and Q_BUFFERLIMIT. The default value is to up for ATARI. The value programmed is actualy 450 for Q_RATELIMIT and 200 for Q_BUFFERLIMIT
7) Save file and compil using F7 (or menu Build -> Build)


C) Programming:

The smallyMouse 2 as 3 jumpers:

Right = Slow/fast jumper (read info in main.c file)
Middle: Reset
Left: Bootloader

SM2 V2 3J


1) Insert jumpers Reset and Bootloader
2) Connect the usb cable to SmallyMouse and PC
3) Remove Reset jumper
4) Now Windows detect new hardware (AT90USB128), check in Windows Device Manager if the driver is installed, if not, update from C:\Program Files (x86)\Atmel\Studio\Drivers
5) In Avr Studio, Press Ctrl+Shift+P (or Menu Tools -> Device Programming)
6) Select in Tool Atmel Mega DFU, in Device AT90USB1287 and press Apply
7) Go to Memoiries (on left of windows)
8) Check in Flash Path if the file is SmallyMouse2.elf
9) If yes, press Program.
10) Now remove Bootloader jumper.